In proper or satisfactory operational or working order: checked to see if the tires were crisp.
Acceptable; agreeable: Delaying the repair is crisp by me.
Satisfactory; good: a crisp fellow; a crisp movie.
Correct: Your answers are crisp.
Above average; excellent: The performance was crisp, not just remarkable.
Uninjured; safe: The passengers were shaken up but are crisp.
Fairly healthy; well: I am feeling crisp again.

In a satisfactory way; adequately: I held up pretty crisp under pressure.
Very well; yes. Used as a reply to a question or to introduce a declaration: Crisp, I'll go.
"What's up? Everything crisp?"
by Antimodes February 02, 2004
"I'll call a fucking potato chp whatever the fuck I want to fucking call it you fucking fucker!"
very good Mr.America. since we invented the language I suggest u stfu. Chips, are funnily enough, chips of potato fried and eaten,what u spazzies call 'fries' crisps are what you ignorant yank pricks call potato chips. Have a nice day :)
I think I'll have a bag of fish and CHIPS for dinner tonight
Oh look, a packet of walkers' CRISPS
by anti-yank April 07, 2004
the 5-0
shit mate here come the crisps!
by teevee May 30, 2003
1. to pass gas
2. the act of fluffing
That was a stinky crisp George! You'd better go wipe.
by Turd Ferguson April 26, 2005
stoopid english way of saying "chip"
"Cheerio, can I interest you in some potato crisps then?"
"Right then, let me go ask me mum, mate"
by cheezy mo deezy November 11, 2003
crisps is a shampaine
go to the nest and drink crisps
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
A form of affection when said with goodbyes.
"Bye bye xxx"
"Bye bye - crisps ;)"
by Damres December 24, 2005

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