Highly potent marijuana. Opposite of Regs.
Syn- kind buds, chronic, dank buds.

In South Florida there are only 2 terms for marijuana, crip or regs.
Crippi gets me so high!
by Priscilla November 14, 2003
Top Definition
1. Word that exists primarily only in Florida, referring to exceptional marijuana. Throughout most of central to south florida, pot is only referred to in terms of "regs" or "crip/crippi," unless referring specifically to more obscure or hard to find strains, like white widow, purple haze, northern lights, etc. Typically fruity-smelling and extremely potent. Crippi is actually a florida grown weed that is a Sativa strain, giving a great mental high with very little body sluggishness.

Hearing something descibed as "crippi" does not guarantee that it is actually the crippi strain, but it is definitely going to be very potent.
Man, I totally just wrote that whole dictionary entry while I was blazed on crippi!"
by UD is good for drugs October 03, 2005
a florida term dat means very, very, VERY potent weed.
dat crippi iz da shit!!!!!!!!!!
by omi da homie November 03, 2004
marijuana that puts you on your ass
In Florida instead of chronic they say crippy
by trevor March 09, 2003
Stupid east coast slang for kind bud
originating in florida.
Man this crippi I just blazed is crazy hot now only if I was from california I'd be cool well maybe not.
by zeroklk March 04, 2005
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