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This happens when a bitch is on her rag and tries to tell you what's up. You then take her, hold her down, and ram 4 fingers into her pussy. Her kicking and screaming will only benefit you in the end. After pounding her severely, rip out your hand and smack her face immediately. The bitch'll have a crimson outline of your hand square on her cheek.
I was done with all that whore's PMS bullshit, so I did the only honorable thing and gave that bitch a crimson king.

Damn, that bitch looks like Wilson from Castaway! Tom Hanks gave her a fuckin good crimson king.
by slothboyck October 16, 2006
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the act of yanking a female's tampon from her vagina and slapping her upon the face with it, leaving a crimson mark.
That bitch tried to talk back to me last night, so I gave her a crimson king.
by slothboyck October 15, 2004

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