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One of the few truly "unique" bands out there. King Crimson has a darker tone than most other progressive rock bands from the 70's/ 80's, and their style is almost unlike any other band before them or since. Featuring some truly mesmerizing and wildly creative guitar riffs (thanks to the amazing lead guitarist Robert Fripp), dark and unusual yet not overly pretentious lyrics, and a whole string of different influences ranging from jazz to classical music, King Crimson is the definition of Progressive Rock. They're still releasing new albums to this day, but the only remaining member from the original lineup is lead guitarist Robert Fripp.
Listen to King Crimson
by KnuxMAGIC June 07, 2005
A fucking disease that's spreading like Malaria.
fuck all scenesters.

0o0o0o0 look at my new hair give me comments on myspace listen to my friend's shitty band

FUCK that
by KNUXmagic June 07, 2005
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