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Progressive rock band led by guitar/Mellotron virtuoso Robert Fripp. Stretched both the language and structure of rock into the realms of jazz and classical, while avoiding pop and psychedelic sensibilities.
The absense of mainstream compromises and lack of an overt sense of humour lead to their downfall.
King Crimson are one of the more defiant progressive rock bands to come out of the 1960's. Others include Pink Floyd, Yes and The Soft Machine.
by Aqualung March 13, 2005
A MK player dude who pwns the fuck out of everyone with his ice blast and ice shower and to a lesser extent his ice replica.. And certainly not his fucking gay slide move but that doesn't matter because he pwns anyway.
I fucked Ringham up good using Subzero because I was fucking cheap but then again so was Ringham using Liu Wang his his bicyle kick bullshit.
HP HP HK HK BHP = 5 hit combo of death.
by Aqualung April 10, 2005
Affectionate nickname for Jimi Hendrix.
I love Henji so much.
by Aqualung March 13, 2005
An Asian dish involving severed genitalia.
I went to this restraunt and ordered Dickchop.. My waiter, Wang Choo said it was a good choice. After finishing my meal, I didn't agree.
by Aqualung April 08, 2005
The act of eating pussy..
You fuck tards
Self explanitory d'uuuuuuuuuuuh.
by Aqualung April 08, 2005
To vomit profusely.
I got drunk and took a flying munt out of the car window.
by Aqualung September 11, 2003
Jews don't get it.. Because their dick is severed at childbirth.. Who the fuck severes your fucking wang at childbirth?
What sick fucks are these people?
Hitler was right to wanna take 'em out.
Jews'll never have quality dickcheese like "the rest of us".
by Aqualung April 10, 2005
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