A person who is constantly smoking crack but pretending they are going to quit.
Alyssa: hey Sara, you want to smoke some crack?
Sara: No, I'm off that shit.
Alyssa: ok, have it your way, more crack for me. <Alyssa takes a phat hit and blow it towards Sara>
Sara: Ok, ok.. give it to me.
Alyssa: you are such a crill.
by GinTinTin May 19, 2008
house. crill is a variation of the word crib.
mary jane: "we should pick up some weed while we're out."
bud: "naw baby, it's all good, i got some bud at the crill"
by blunt master flex February 05, 2007
A combination of the words "chill" and "real", which kind of in an inobstruse way cut each other out. Obviously the word must be cool.
"OMG, stairway to heaven solo!"
"Crill dude, thats the 37th time today"
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
from the film finding nemo, Dory 'dont be silly whales only eat crill'... 'ohh luk CRILL!!' aka a whale
* you see a huge whale like person *

'ohh luk crill!'
by L+A June 25, 2005
like cool exept better

this term came from me and my friends partying in my basement
homes thems kicks is crill
by Brennan December 09, 2004
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