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A way of describing how ones bacon can be cooked. A mixture between medium and well done part crispy.
'I would ike my bacon cribbly'
by Will Rogerson June 16, 2006
*This is a synonym for "extremely creepy and fucked up"
*The type of creepy that could describes a pedophile stalker. hence the "crib" part of the word
*It however does not have to be used in just the above situation.
Kid: Hey I got an invitation for a sleepover at Neverland!!!

Kid's Older Brother: Hell no!! you can't go. The shit that happens there is fucking cribbly
by Bob Dailon October 22, 2007
Cribblies are tiny parasitic insects that live in coarse human body hair, such as pubic hair.
They spread through close body contact, most commonly sexual contact.
Amy- Matt why are you itching so much?
Matt- I think I caught cribblies 😫
by Salty tango May 28, 2013
the feeling when you hear "scabies". (please see "scabies" for that definition.) Also, the very girlie hand motion made when you find these "scabies", or bugs in your bed after coming home from getting your groove on and at the steller club.
I got the cribblies after seeing those ants crawling up my leg and then onto my Aunt Gemima's syrup that I was about to eat for breakfast with my grits.
by Kyanne January 19, 2005

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