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A shade of blue -- medium in value, bright in hue -- with silver sparkles in it.
What a lovely cribble car!
by KaediCat September 27, 2009
Those little things that stay on the white board after you erase.
"I erased the maths problem, but the cribbles wouldn't come off the board, and now they're all over my fingers!"
by ellaweez August 22, 2007
crispy bits around the edge of an oven baked dish such as cottage pie, fish pie or lasagne
A helping of cottage pie is not complete without some srapings of extra tasty cribbles from around the edge of the oven dish.
by Beccy Fitz August 16, 2008
Origins: from the latin Cris - meaning crabs, and Blese - meaning bite(s).

The act of one persons crabs biting the genitalia of someone else.
"See these cribbles? That bitch had nazi crabs!"
by DuckSooop March 03, 2005
To cripple by buggery
Hey Dr, you shouldn't have cribbled that baby, it will never learn to walk now.
by Iced Pie July 25, 2008
Noun - An old hip black man, most likely in a walker or weal chair.
That cribble was so cool, damn to bad he can't move like us.
by Midnightbum July 25, 2010
The Crib, Yard, Drum, Gaff, Home
Where u at fam,
I'm at the Cribble G...
by supermattxxx March 27, 2008
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