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Someone who participates in Crew rowing; i.e., someone who has absolutely no life outside of Crew in college
My friend turned into a crewbie and I haven't seen her since.
by MrAcuraIntegra August 14, 2003
A term for a member of crew in theatre. Used often in high school and middle school productions.

The most amazing people you will ever meet. Without them, there is no show, because even though acting and what you see on stage is important, without crewbies running the backstage (making sure everyone is one when they need to be, moving sets, and everything in between), nothing would get done. And yes, this is true. I've worked on both sides of the curtain, and being crew is a lot more work than acting.
Crewbies are the most unnoticed, hard-working, amazing people in the theare industry. Thank all your members of crew and tech, because without them, a show couldn't happen
by Sasori07 November 23, 2008
One who is new to a crew
-"Hey guys whats up, we gonna go raid today?"
-"Dude, Don't be such a crewbie"
by Dr. Swag April 17, 2007
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