When someone is popular with several people from different social groups e.g jocks, nerds, drama geeks
"Aw mate I've been invited to 3 parties on one nigh, like my guys, the nerds and the fucking druggies"
"Mate you're crew!"
by Wielesiuk November 13, 2011
a group of individuals who do work for you, eg. minions.
Example: My crew will clean my house this weekend.
by bunnycrew April 13, 2011
A Non violent gang- you spend most of your time with these people. and you have a "sign" which you spend all your time writing.
-whats your crew fool?
-its all about *does hand sign* BTM Bitches that matter!
by LindsayOwns November 30, 2005
group of two sexy ass groups of bestfriends, that come together and make a friendship that will last forever
guy 1: "damn did you just see that crew walk by."
guy 2: "hell yeah, those were all some hot chicks."

"i love the crew!"
by ilovethecrew June 21, 2009
A somewhat organized group of (graffiti) writers, or a tight group of friends.
GTS is a tagging crew in Sylmar.
by TFS July 24, 2005
a group of graffiti writers. it could have just a couple members who are tight with each other or it could be world wide and most of the members dont even know who each other are.
im down with mgm and sba.
by joe May 01, 2004
Perhaps the preppiest of all prep sports. True preps begin as early as seventh grade, though honorary preppiness is bestowed upon college oarsmen so long as they wear chinos and Brikenstocks off the water. Difficult to explain attraction to a sport that demand you skip Monte Carlo Weekend just to add to your blisters, calluses, and bloody, scarred calves. (Up-side: feminine attention and sympathy.) Does provide one with a lean, muscular physique, though, and is license for various kinds of eccentricity the lacrosse team would never tolerate. Participation in Head of the Charles and/or Henley Royal Regatta assures social set bragging rights later on in life. At no point does the midget in the bow/stern of the boat yell "stroke."
Everyone Else: Hey Brooksie! Why the hell are you wearing sweat pants? Come on over here and play some Blackjack!

Phil: Sorry, gotta pile into a 15-year-old Ford Econoline and drive 900 hours to Rome, NY for a five-minute long crew race!

Everyone Else: Sucker!
by P. Brooks M. April 22, 2006

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