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Abbreviation for "crescent fresh", especially in an expression of the degree of crescent freshness, as used on and made popular by the show Sifl & Olly.
It's cresc.
That was just so cresc, it was just totally cresc!
by divideby0 May 07, 2007
The cresc is the inside lining of the japs eye the japs eye is the small hole on your bell end you would want your cresc to be not to slimey and not to dry somewhere in the middle
james has got a slimey cresc
by sneece May 16, 2009
The lining inside of your Japseye. It shouldnt be too slimy or too dry In the midddle. Japseye - The hole on your bell end.
David Beckham has a bone dry Cresc.
by PAWIL May 15, 2009
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