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Creationism is where humans where created by Aliens ( eg gods, god, the Elohim its all the same to me)in which we are their experiment that has gone wrong many times.
And god said let us create men in our Image
we are from our sky father and Are descendents of the sky people
by What ever February 06, 2004
Supported by the concept of intelligent design, the belief that the Earth and all life upon it were created by God. Explains everything that so called scientific method cannot, questions such as why, if Evolution is true The Bible makes no mention of it. "Science" can't explain this, can it?

The Bible is supported with the proof of the Teleologial argument, which, briefly, states that life on this planet is of such a complex nature that random genetic mutation could never produce functioning biological organisms without The Holy Father's divine intervention. The best explanation therefore is clearly that The Universe was created --as it appears today-- thousands of years ago by a divine being, as described in Genesis. If you need further proof of this, simply read the book of Genesis.
Scientist: I do not believe in Creationism, which means that I ignore any proof placed right in front of me, and instead choose to perpetuate my blasphemous ways.

Creationist: I happen to accept the proof of The Bible because I have faith in things that science will never understand.
by Arthur B. Harrison June 07, 2009