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an outrageous person who makes the rules
Did you just see that tr0n? He does what what he wants when he wants to do it.
by Tim Iser January 21, 2012
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1. a person falsely purporting to possess the abilities of a highly skilled technical individual.
2. a technical wannabe and or non-technical lamer/poser.

- *esp in relation to the digital/computer realm(s).
...far from a hacker my friend. he is hacker food. Merely a mork-ass n00bile TR0N.
by nytewurk September 11, 2004
Another use for pr0n or porn. When around adults. We needed to use porn during class so we randomly said tron.
Charlee sheen loves tr0n
by The one and only big dunks September 10, 2011
An adjective describing a person who is undesirable or "uncool" in any manner. Best if used in junction with the word "Frickin'".

(Term developed by a young man in Wisconsin who intensely disliked the movie TRON and decided that it was worthy of being an insult)
"Kyle just tore my backpack"
"Dude, what a frickin tr0n"

"Amy just dumped me"
"Don't worry about it man, she was a tr0n anyway"
by Nick Benyo July 24, 2006

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