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An Angel; One of sheer perfection; Perfection personified; unrivaled beauty; a one having a commanding pressence. One devoid of flaws. The most magnificent creature crafted by God
"Leann is not just perfect; she's an angel!"
#angel #angelic #angelical #leann #lambert #tomi #beauty #perfect #perfection
by TheByronicMan July 10, 2008
adorable, funny girl, with a cute sneeze. she makes friends so easily. she can be the best friend you ever had. she laughs so easily and she can make peopl laugh/smile so easily! dont piss her off though, she gets annoyed easily, and when shes plotting revenge it's something you'll never forget! at random times she is super hyper and does the most random things! she loses and forgets easily. but you have to love her!
She is so leann !
#cool #laughable #lily #hyper #soda
by lalalagirly November 15, 2011
A stereotypical hillbilly name.
Leann married her cousin Billy Bob last Saturday.
#leann #lulu #billy #bob #married
by Mercury Dragon October 27, 2007
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