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A term often used by the African-American population of america. The slang phrase 'cray-cray' can not only be used to assert ones sense of uncaring of the social environment, but is mainly a 'fly' way of saying 'Crazy'. The phrase 'cray-cray' was originally made popular by Nelson Mandela and later, OJ Simpson.
Roundabouts 1997, the phrase was transported to Great Britain, along with the plague. Unfortunately, along with the plague, it was wiped out with the iron fist of arsenics.
Recently the phrase has once again thrived across the borders from america, unfortunately, those of white skin appear to be afraid of using such a 'hip' 'cool' phrase.
'Dear Orenthal, don't you hate these criminals running riot in our dear country? It is simply cray-cray'
'Yo big N that's a cool phrase, yo'

'Man, this study work is totally cray-cray'
'Shutup man'
- White man trying to use the term cray-cray
by DisgruntledCat December 24, 2012
meaning really crazy
damn homie, this party is cray cray
by Pint-O December 17, 2002
Steming from the term "Crazy", when Referring to someone as "Cray Cray", signifies their craziness to a whole other level. The ultimate second power of crazy. This person can either be insane in the brain. Or simply, TOO DOWN. To the point where its not even cool anymore.
Boy: "Lets have a milk chugging contest"
Girl: "Ok No. Don't get cray cray."
by Chiquita Linda March 16, 2011
A desperate attempt to say "crazy" made by some adult trying to be cool.
Cray-cray lady: Omg, that's totes cray-cray. Yeah, i just like to abrev. all my words.
by Neva McNelly October 21, 2012
A more interesting way of putting crazy.
That show was craycray, toast.
by ¡EVA! October 25, 2008
A person or individual who has gone completely mental, on an emotional or physical level. Abandoning all reason or good judgement.
-Melissa Wade is off her rocker!
-Yeah man, she's fucking Cray-Cray
CrayCray - For when something is too crazy to just be crazy.
''Man, those guys are crazy!''

''Nah, they're way crazier than that- they're craycray!''
by ILikePandas April 16, 2010
usually used in adjective form, cray- cray simply means, super crazy
"oh man in that party yesterday Johnny made out with a girl AND a guy! Only one word can describe that party... and it is.. cray- cray"

"That party was so cray-cray!"

"Angela is so cray-cray!"
by SammiJ3000 March 06, 2006