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meaning really crazy
damn homie, this party is cray cray
by Pint-O December 17, 2002
to take a major shit
alrght boys, i'll be back, i'm about to fight the war on terrorism
by Pint-O December 17, 2002
for sure; usually said when very excited about something
that bitch is fine fo sheezy
by Pint-O December 17, 2002
when your girls on the rag, you put it between the buns
Hey, my chick's on the rag, so i had to hot dog that bitch last night.
by Pint-O December 19, 2002
to have sex with a girl right after or before your homeboy has
yo jeff, you wanna parlay this bitch tonight
by Pint-O December 17, 2002

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