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any person who you can get to take the fall for you knowing that it will most likely end up in a bad situation.
person 1 "go get my work before the laws see it"

person 2 "where its at"

person 1 "its under the steps, dont let'em see you"

person 2 "aight i got it"

person 3 "i can't believe he went on that crash dummy mission"

person 1 "you know i got this"
by BigOreo June 26, 2006
A foolhardy Shmoo who is gullible enough to allow himself to be easily maneuvered into dangerous situations.
"He agreed when JoJo the crack dealer asked him to hold his stash? What a crash dummy!"
by Wynken July 02, 2013
Crash-dummy- a term that can be associated with your typical morons, idiots,
'Douchbags' and 'chops'.

This term can be used for sarcastic commentary or to express your dislike towards
a person.

This word best describes the way someone irritates you, frustrates you - or simply has better hair than you and you feel like if you wanted your cars airbag to meet any crash-dummy's face
It would be theirs!!!
Sarcastic use : " ma'am , ma'am what's shakespeare's surname?"
Friend: "x_X oh my gosh what a crash dummy!"

Peanut Gallery use : " hey I'v missed placed my number...can I have yours? :) "
Guy Friend: "dude that what such a crash-dummy move"

Literal use : "I hate that stupid crash-dummy!!! "
OR "dam you have brain capacity and intellectual ability of a crash-dummy!"
OR "stop screaming at me!!! I'm not your crash-dummy!"
by *Lita=] August 20, 2011
someone who is intoxicated and running into random objects that are clearly avoidable.

someone who is cosistnetly tripping or bumping into everything in there path.
Bro 1: How did I get these bruises on my face? Was I in a Fight?

Bro 2: No, you were being a crash dummy last night.

Bro 1: What did I run into?

Bro 2: Everything. Your a crash dummy.
by shibbyshibby June 21, 2011