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someone who wholeheartedly does illegal acts to earn money

person #1 "t-man just got out of jail and he hustlin again"
person #2 "he a real go getta"
by BigOreo June 08, 2006
another word for feel me
"that bitch fine as hell, figgadeal me?"
by BigOreo June 08, 2006
any person who you can get to take the fall for you knowing that it will most likely end up in a bad situation.
person 1 "go get my work before the laws see it"

person 2 "where its at"

person 1 "its under the steps, dont let'em see you"

person 2 "aight i got it"

person 3 "i can't believe he went on that crash dummy mission"

person 1 "you know i got this"
by BigOreo June 26, 2006
the undercover laws, mostly the big black suburbans or ford taurus, or big double door vans. mostly tinted
Ford taurus pull up, everybody run, white boys jumpout pointin' with they guns, ford taurus leave everybody came back, hey hope them boys didn't find my sack. (Jeezy)
by BigOreo June 08, 2006
another way to say for sure
person 1 "Damn, her moma fine too, Figgadeal me?"
person 2 "Fa Shiggady!"
by BigOreo June 08, 2006
1. the police or jumpout boys
2. the number ten when rolling dice
person 1 "I heard them big people was comin through today."
person 2 "I'll be in the house all day".

person 1 "Bet a dollar I hit big people back to back."
person 2 "Aight"
person 1 :rolls dice: "Big People!" "Gimmie my money!"
person 2 "Shit."
by BigOreo June 21, 2006

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