Top Definition
(2)useless software, not malicious in nature, shippped with OEM machines, or installed by computer users
The reason your PC is so slow is because of all the crapware you have running at startup
by edstamos January 14, 2007
Crap software thats packaged inside other software that you dont want or the crap thats preinstalled sometimes when you buy a PC
OOH EHMM GHEE dell put so much crapware on my computah, why would anyone want AOL installed!
by renlok July 01, 2009
Memory-taking programs that you must install in order for something to work
I installed my HP printer...along with 2GB's of crapware like Customer Support.
by Mason Mason February 01, 2009
Another name for spyware...
There is much crapware on this PC from too much internet surfing.
by Vincent December 09, 2004
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