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An inferior laptop that is in poor physical condition which never seems to die, despite its unattractive appearance. This could also be a laptop that stays under the bathroom sink until you need to pass some time while pooping.
I own this laptop which is a Pentium 4 2.4gHz, but the hard drive is really slow, the video is shared ram, it doesn't have USB 2.0, and no PCMCIA slot, plus the battery is dead, all the paint has worn off where you rest your hands on the keyboard, and the screen was wobbly and sometimes would flicker. Likewise, I had a lightweight Sony craptop that had screen issues, but it was great for bringing to the can!
by dustin fields December 06, 2006
a laptop computer that is either slow or unworkable by comparison to other similar products. or is unusable due to excessive viewing of internet pornography
man 1: hey man i tried to download that attachment from your email but my craptop got a blue screen stating there was a kernel in-page stack error 3 times in a row.
man 2: fuck, man you wouldnt have that trouble if you weren't using those porn links from 4chan
by idakothetricky February 28, 2013
a sad exuse for a laptop
person 1:look at that little laptop its sooo cute
person 2: you mean that craptop
by beasties31 November 25, 2009
The act of pooping on the keyboard of someone's laptop and then closing it.
My roommate kicked me out of the room last night so I craptopped him when he was in class.
by Madam S November 02, 2009
A MacBook ... or something that boots into Windows.
Honey ... my condolences to Steve Jobs, but your craptop MacBook still can't run RTCW from 2001!
by Der Gelb Baron October 12, 2011
n. When one takes a shit while their laptop is on their lap
I was eating the turkey meatloaf at the DLG and really needed to take a dump so I took a craptop and got some homework done.
by M-Epstein February 24, 2010
Any laptop in which you use while dropping a deuce.
Wheres my craptop i gotta take a shit.
by jacqeez June 29, 2009
A mobile device (typically laptop or netbook) used while poopsurfing.
I have engaged the craptop, let the poopsurfing begin!
by Futile Cause May 22, 2010

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