A hogdepodge of incoherently uttered Asian brand names spewed desperately in one of the following situations:

1) When one claims to speak Japanese and finally gets challenged to do it, although he/she cannot in reality
2) When one is "meeting the parents" of a mad hot Asian chick and gets overly cocky by initiating a conversation with the two words of Korean/Mandarin that he knows and is forced to continue
3) When one stumbles out of a Tokyo brothel upon losing his V-card and needs to voice his unfettered bliss
"So, Tom, you said you speak Japanese! Prove it!"

"So, you dating my daughter, huh? You better speak some Mandarin!"

"Dude, you totally lost it to that one hooker back there! You should have seen the look in your eyes!"

All of the above are valid, real-life instances of the Crapanese tongue in action. May result in utter humiliation, castration, or arrest.
by Dark_Romanov January 24, 2011
means japanese. made up by psychotic. relates to crapan!
^_^ omg crapanese! lolololz. ^_^
by Denmark October 08, 2004
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