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looking or feeling like shit.
Damn, i look like a crap ball today.
by Breannaa February 04, 2008
A game involving the rules of all sports.....but with no rules. Uses a rugby or american football. The winner is the team with most craps at the end of the game.
Hey guys....up for a game of crapball
by Chogz May 28, 2009
A stubborn person who does not want to do anything, or participate in any activities.
Unmoving towards helping others out.
She is being such a crapball, she didn't want to go bowling with us.
by Hasheem Halim April 03, 2008
Expletive. Small round pieces of feces hurling through the air.
Used in instances when a real swear word such as fuck or shit is inappropriate, crapballs is not quite as harsh. Can also use 'Poopballs'.
Crapballs! My computer just froze up and I only have 10 minutes to send this email to my boss. CRAPBALLS!!
by bkwrdz May 14, 2009
Testicles that are smothered in faeces a ritual carried out by native americans.
Ah crap balls.

mmmmmmmm.....tastes like crap balls
by Correspondingly November 10, 2004
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