1. Feces, human or animal waste

2. Bullshit, lies, being full of shit

3. a contraction of the words Country + Rap = Crap

4. Kid Rock- see all of the above
I went to see Kid Rock in concert, he's crap.
This statement is true for all of the above definitions.
He looks smells and sounds like crap (a six foot pile of feces)

He singing or rapping is nothing but crap (bullshit and lies, he is so full of shit).

They type of music he perfoms is crap. (a fucked up blend of county music and rap)

The reason he is successful is he bullshits the crowd
and says things like "good bless america" "I love all you soliders" "Nascar Whooo" and tries to steal the fans of legit performers like Willie Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd,Bob Seger and KISS. also tries to steal the fans of popular non-talents like Bon Jovi,Eminem and Bret Michaels. and steals riffs from people who are now dead-the late great Warren Zevon.
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010
Similar to poop or other terms for feces. It is a mild swear usually used to downgrade something for instance; this is crap (this is bad) or he's a piece of crap (he is not very nice).

It can also be used to alert someone that you need to travel to the bathroom and do natural things, for instance; I need to do a crap.
I need to do a crap in that crap bathroom.
by AntonyJM July 03, 2009
2.another word for darn
1.ew there's some crap in the toilet.
2.crap i just dropped an anchor on my foot!
by krunknerd101 April 18, 2009
u know that beautiful brown work of art that comes from what we call"your ass"

it alos means "shit"
mike: "Jesus christ! what is that smell?"
luis: "o thats my leftover crap in the toilet"

mike:"hey whats for lunch"
luis:"the crap they always serve"
by pipotino March 12, 2009
bad stuff happening to good peeps
when he was buried under his stuff he said "this crap sucks!"
by ddddhhhh May 05, 2008
poop or just plain disapointment, for those of you that are into British slang, its basicaly just like saying "Bugger"
The cops are after me! I lost my shirt to a rabid hobo! And now I have AIDS! Crap!
by fotia autos March 20, 2008
a load of bullshit, also a swear word
"I had to sit and LISTEN to that crap" (salinger 11)
by pbbt September 25, 2007
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