a man who help make the toilet more popular during in 1596.
his name was thomas crapper.
there is no example for crap
by Kollin928 June 06, 2010
The combination of country and rap music
Crap is my favorite music
by #1 DAD August 30, 2015
1. crap offensive (1): something worthless.

2. crap offensive (2): excrement.

3. crap offensive (3): falsehoods and lies.
1. "My furniture is a bunch of cheap crap."

2. "Yuck! I stepped on dog crap!"

3. "I've had enough of your crap."
by Iyad Iyad January 26, 2013
you are crap
by brittneybaily November 21, 2011
A rap song or artist that has no talent, but seems to be popular anyway for some unknown reason. It also tends to have the effect of making you lose some or all hope in humanity.
John: Listen to this new Pitbull song yo!

Listener: This song is cRAP man, why is it so popular?
by Weirdalguy July 08, 2011
creepy rapist
Hey, that guy looks like such a c-rap.
by creepsfurlife December 06, 2010
1. Feces, human or animal waste

2. Bullshit, lies, being full of shit

3. a contraction of the words Country + Rap = Crap

4. Kid Rock- see all of the above
I went to see Kid Rock in concert, he's crap.
This statement is true for all of the above definitions.
He looks smells and sounds like crap (a six foot pile of feces)

He singing or rapping is nothing but crap (bullshit and lies, he is so full of shit).

They type of music he perfoms is crap. (a fucked up blend of county music and rap)

The reason he is successful is he bullshits the crowd
and says things like "good bless america" "I love all you soliders" "Nascar Whooo" and tries to steal the fans of legit performers like Willie Nelson, Lynyrd Skynyrd,Bob Seger and KISS. also tries to steal the fans of popular non-talents like Bon Jovi,Eminem and Bret Michaels. and steals riffs from people who are now dead-the late great Warren Zevon.
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010

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