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The small slivers of flesh surounding
a back door/shitter
wow, that girls got one large set of crap flaps
by sQuick June 25, 2003
1) The sound of buttcheeks-a-flappin usually caused by an abnormally powerful fart or defecation.

2) The back door on old style long underwear
1) That four alarm chili had me crapflappin in the bowl all night.

2) I was so drunk last night that when I put on my long underwear, I crawled in through the crapflap.
#shitdoor #poopantry #peephole #thai-machine #staindeck
by The Jarvis February 21, 2006
ones bottom, backside, bumcheeks, ass
Sorry you didnt win" - "Oh crapflaps!
#crap flaps #bum hole #ass #crack #bum cheeks
by The Iron Lotus February 15, 2011
A world for the buttox and inner areas of the body.
"You take it up the crap flap bro!"
#butt #poop #portal #flaps #anus
by aledluap September 01, 2009
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