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someone who has smoked so much crank in his life that he looks like frankenstein only with crank pipes coming out of his neck and not bolts
crankenstein smoked a few 8 balls from his neck then took apart a car and put it all back together last night
by trevorTrexNit March 03, 2008
A cadaver that has an unusually large penis.
Dude, I had to work on crankenstein for my EMT training.
by Roffle B. Copter December 30, 2004
This is a combination word of crank+Frankenstein.

It was used in a Breaking Bad episode, Gray Matter S01E05. Jessie is cooking methamphetamine, and he ends up with a huge crystal. His friend exclaims, "This crankenstein is unreal!"
This crankenstein is unreal!
by Alexandra Prodigal January 09, 2013
Someone who is especially cranky.
My husband is a Crankenstein in the morning.
by Elise Annie Johnson June 18, 2006