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a portable meth lab.

I got some Mr. Clean and a gallon of drano, let's get my crankcase and we be gittin' high in no time
by tim-tim April 23, 2004
A sturdy case designed and constructed to hold one or more cranks or similarly dissatisfied and annoying individuals.
I tell you what Jerome. I sure wish we had put wheels on this particular crankcase 'cuz if we had it sure would be a helluva lot easier to tote Rich, Mitch, and the bitch around.
by gotwood4sale March 31, 2014
1. A Crank Case is your bladder. This term is usually used when someone has to go to the bathroom and doesn't want to be completly rude or just to be funny.

2. A Crank Case is also a part in a car.
"Excuse me, I have to go defule my Crank Case."
by alabama February 18, 2006
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