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the worst song and the worst singer (soulja boy) in the history of music that sucks so bad that i question the fact that this song excists or it is an illusion of satan. in 5 years it will probably be as remembered as much the song informer by snow. youve never heard of that song?
Person A: Did you hear that new comedy song crank that ? Its so funny! I love it!

Person B: Thats an actual rap CD

Person A: I have lost all faith in the world
by hulio December 21, 2007
to pleasure a man by masturbation
crank that bitch then supamanthat ho
by ejg1714 October 16, 2007
a dance for people with no life
soulja boy: wow man im da freshiest boi around.
1: yeah you crank that pretty damn well.
by mnicoleteeeeeeeee November 01, 2007
Stupidest dance and song of the 21st century next to a bay bay
Crank that is fucking wack!!!
by andy32 December 28, 2007
"to do something"
"preferably to do a dance"
"Youuu, crank that soulja boy"
"Youu, crank that batman"
by CILLACRACKK October 18, 2007
The act of a male ejaculating on a female's back who is passed out drunk then laying a blanket over the female. When the female wakes up, the sperm has dried and the blanket is stuck to her back.
Hey man, lets superman that ho (crank that)!
by Kyle Ross October 24, 2007

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