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condition. person that has their head up their ass.
"My boss has cranial rectosis"
by enchanted1 October 09, 2003
n. a condition where the afflicted suffer from being a constant shit head.
Due to Chuck's cranial rectosis he has since lost his job, wife & friends.
by Eric Shun May 02, 2003
the condition of someones head being completely up their ass so that the ass cheeks rest completely on the shoulders
that dude has a bad case of cranial rectosis look his nose made his belly button an outey!
by neanderman February 07, 2010
Someone who has the ability to do stupid things at a moments notice. A Butt Head
Paul jumped in the car and without looking put it in reverse and floored it at an astonishingly stupid speed hitting numerous cars behind him. Jumping out he couldn't figure out what he did wrong which is when we figured out that he was suffering from cranialrectosis.
by BG14742 January 23, 2009
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