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Euphemism for vaginal yeast infection producing large quantities of yeasty discharge resulting in a doughy like concoction in the panties, and the smell of a sushi bakery
Wow, I would go down on her unless your hungry! Shes got that bread thing...
by neanderman October 16, 2011
the condition of someones head being completely up their ass so that the ass cheeks rest completely on the shoulders
that dude has a bad case of cranial rectosis look his nose made his belly button an outey!
by neanderman February 07, 2010
When an Episiotomy goes horribly wrong, leaving the woman with a lack of distinction between her Vagina and her anus
Her baby wrecked her! yeah the doc gave her episiotomy that left her with a vaganus.
by neanderman November 05, 2011
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