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The act of having your head up your ass.
"Are you really that stupid? You must be suffering from a cranial rectal inversion. What a dumb-ass."
by BRAUCHWURST April 19, 2003
nice way of saying you have your head in your ass. also known as H.I.A.S (head in ass syndrome)
"I know that our anniversary was today, but, I was having a cranial rectal inversion and I will make up for it this weekend."
by grant24 May 14, 2008
The psychological disorder of being unable to remove one's head from one's ass (i.e. cannot see what is right in front of their face).
"Wow, if that person with Cranial Rectal Inversion farts, they're going to completely asphyxiate themselves!"

"Don't eat beans if you've got CRI."

"You'll need some Preparation-H to help get your head out of your ass."
by queenducttape December 09, 2005
To have one's head up his/her ass
John: Yo I'm gonna go pwn some n00bs lol lol rofl !!!11!!oneoneone!!111!
Luke: Yo you are suffering from a serious Cranial Rectal Inversion
by EllieJewFace September 03, 2007
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