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aka. crimebrook, it is a suburb in western sydney that hosts all manner of westies.
1) cranebrook is home of teens who attatch motors to their push bikes and hoon through the streets at midnight, everynight without fail from lack of any other entertainment from neighbouring suburbs.
boy 1- oi, i got a ideeeya.... lets stick that mota on ma ride and go croosin!!
boy 2- oh thatl be siiiiiiik!!!! pass us me fukn ciggies and we'll ride to the stash (slang term for station)

2) the main road in cranebrook plays host to numerous drag races daily, and helicopters are regularly found circling the suburb. known to have police chases through the southern end of town

3) cranebrook is a place to avoid if you are walking home after 6 unless your name is doug
by emileee May 17, 2008
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