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Crotch dander. Crander comes in many levels which define its size. (level 1 being about the size of equal/splenda granules)
"Man when Luke got up from the table he left his crander ALL IN his seat!"

"Rebecca thinks she saw crander in her drink...sick!"
by clemsontgr4real March 26, 2007
Crotch dandruff. There are five main levels of crotch dander classifified by size with level 1 being about the size of Splenda/Equal/Nutrasweet granules, level 2 being the size of salt, level 5 being the size of rock salt, and so on.
"Man when Luke got up from the tabel there was crander in his chair!"


"I heard Liz got the herp from David's crander!"

"Get some Crander Blue for yo crander, man! @$#% works gooood!"

"There was crander in Rebecca's drink."
by clemsontgr4real March 24, 2007
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