The pieces of crap you take in the shower that can't fit down the drain, thus needing cramming with the toes to fit down the drain.
"Man, I had the mad $hitz yesterday, but a few crambles had to get jammed down the drain with my toes!"
by frankvsmaximvs April 22, 2006
Top Definition
A merging of the teams Crunk and Shambles, headed by youtubers SimonisCRUNK and Dan2Shambles.
'Team Crunk or Shambles?' 'I'm in Team Crambles!'
by xo3 July 28, 2009
Te larger pieces of poop that won't go down the shower drain, that must be assisted by a cramming from your big toe.
I thought I farted in the shower, but I ended up with a cramble!
by FrankvsMaximvs May 26, 2006
To use the left over letters from a sticker or stencil sheet to spell one word. The same can be done with magnetic letters on a frigerator or advertizement signs.
"Bshityxqomgizw is a cramble a spelled on my frigerator with the left over letters."
by 1badguy July 26, 2009
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