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The pieces of crap you take in the shower that can't fit down the drain, thus needing cramming with the toes to fit down the drain.
"Man, I had the mad $hitz yesterday, but a few crambles had to get jammed down the drain with my toes!"
by frankvsmaximvs April 22, 2006
10 11
A merging of the teams Crunk and Shambles, headed by youtubers SimonisCRUNK and Dan2Shambles.
'Team Crunk or Shambles?' 'I'm in Team Crambles!'
by xo3 July 28, 2009
29 6
Te larger pieces of poop that won't go down the shower drain, that must be assisted by a cramming from your big toe.
I thought I farted in the shower, but I ended up with a cramble!
by FrankvsMaximvs May 26, 2006
24 16
To use the left over letters from a sticker or stencil sheet to spell one word. The same can be done with magnetic letters on a frigerator or advertizement signs.
"Bshityxqomgizw is a cramble a spelled on my frigerator with the left over letters."
by 1badguy July 26, 2009
2 10