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n. a sweetened, dried cranberry (unrelated to raisins)
Hot damn, these craisins are HELLA good. Thank goodness for Ocean Spray.
by stellino September 04, 2003
Dipping one or both testicles into your girlfriend's vagina while she's on her period resulting in said balls getting covered in blood so they look like big red raisins or Craisins.
"Dude I'm hungry."

"You want some of the Craisins I made with my girlfriend last night."

"Yeah, sure...wait."
by Ginormoz January 13, 2010
Another word for crazy, out of this world, mind blowing, ect. Created by Katelyn Walsh
Wow last night was fricken craisin!
by katelynx123 March 14, 2009
crazy Asian. Often a useful term in college towns.
"Hey look, there's a couple craisin's studying in the park!"


"Did you see those two craisin's in the nerd parody of Jizzed in My Pants?"
by Komrad Krunch November 10, 2009
White dudes who only date Asian women, men who are "crazy for Asians"
Beware: All of his girlfriends have been Asian, he's a fucking Craisin.
by wiseycat March 09, 2010
n. A butterfaced girl without the nice body
"Yeah man, I got this horny Myspace message from this total craisin!"
by agricola July 17, 2008
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