Ok, let's get something clear here. Cradle of Filth are NOT black metal. They're symphonic, watered down metal with black metal elements, nothing more. Real black metal is Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Mayhem, old Emperor.
Cradle of Filth is a British rock band, formed around 1991-92. There is a fair bit of controversy surrounding over whether they fit the category of "black metal" or not. black metal fans say they aren't black metal because they do not sound like bands such as , Darkthrone, etc. Cradle of Filth fans either say A. Who cares the music's good or B. They are black metal because they fit the definition.

It is my opinion they are gothic metal. However, it is also my opinion that people should not judge and artist based on their popularity/genre and just enjoy the music.
Many underground rock fans likes The Darkness before "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" made it big. After it did, they all rejected it as "mainstream crap." They had to come from somewhere, didn't they? It wasn't the mainstream.
by Objectivity is good July 16, 2005
This is a definition purely to inform people one thing. Cradle of Filth is NOT Black metal. Stop refering them as black metal. Listen to them if you want, they're not a horrible band, just stop calling them black metal. Black metal means bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem, and Emporer.
Stupid Noob: CoF is teh best black metal
Me: Cradle of Filth is in not black metal.
Stupid Noob: Sure they r. They have teh satan lyrics and stuffz.
Me: No. Don't be satanic because you think it's cool.
by AngrySockMonkey November 28, 2007
fantastic british band fronted by daniel davey. Alot of people moan about the not being black metal but frankly who cares. They are great
Me: Dya know whose hot
Me: Dani filth
Me: Ya know from cradle of filth
by Sophos October 25, 2005
A remarkable band from England that combines various genres of metal, but especially black metal and symphonic metal, as surely seen on their recent CD titled "Nymphetamine." Their writing is extremely deep, and throws references at subjects such as Evil, fantasy, mythology, love, despair, and darkness. Dani is a great screamer, live and on CD.
I love me some Cradle of Filth and their pounding, heavy metal style mixed with black metal
by BleedingTorment October 17, 2006
cradle of filth is a all origanal metal band from the heart of england
they do not care if you like them
they do not care if you make fun of them.
they are heavens mutant children.
man, cradle of filth rocks!!
yah i know....DUH
by carpathian forest July 31, 2005
A decent gothic/extreme metal band from England. Though talented in their own right, the band is almost ruined by their 15 year old hot topic fans. These idiots generally know nothing about metal and think Cradle is black metal because they said "Satan" and "Hell" in one of their songs. Cradle isn't black metal for the record, and the band actually rejects the term.
Stereotypical Cradle of Filth Fan: OMG! Dani Filth is the greatest writer and musician of all time! There is no better band in the world! They are so BLACK METAL, they make that guy from Norway look like a homo! And he's sooooo hot!! Every line he writes is soo deep, I wish he wasn't married and I'm a dude!
Non-retarded person: ... *slap*
by Shadow Prometheus January 23, 2009

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