Someone who has a wide age gap with someone they have sex with, or could be a pedophile
Joe's a sick freak, he had sex with a 12 year old when he was 17!
by Caitlin August 10, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who doesn't know how to spell cradle.
All the other people who defined "craddle robber."
by dsalfkewfilrkvdslkg July 10, 2008
someone dating, or has dated a person who is significantly younger than them. The relationship could be sexual or non-sexual.
"Doode, He went after a Freshman, what a a craddle robber!!!"
by Huy L. March 02, 2007
Someone who has graduated from High School and hooks up or dates someone still in high school. A freshman perhaps
Josh is a craddle robber, hooking up with Audrey.
by Sheridenn December 30, 2008
A man who has sex with a young girl who is underage.
R. Kelly is a craddle robber.
by suzanna moe October 18, 2006
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