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Someone who doesn't know how to spell cradle.
All the other people who defined "craddle robber."
by dsalfkewfilrkvdslkg July 10, 2008
someone dating, or has dated a person who is significantly younger than them. The relationship could be sexual or non-sexual.
"Doode, He went after a Freshman, what a a craddle robber!!!"
by Huy L. March 02, 2007
Someone who has a wide age gap with someone they have sex with, or could be a pedophile
Joe's a sick freak, he had sex with a 12 year old when he was 17!
by Caitlin August 10, 2004
Someone who has graduated from High School and hooks up or dates someone still in high school. A freshman perhaps
Josh is a craddle robber, hooking up with Audrey.
by Sheridenn December 30, 2008
A man who has sex with a young girl who is underage.
R. Kelly is a craddle robber.
by suzanna moe October 18, 2006