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crack action. when you display your butt crack in really low cut bottoms. this is most common in trashy girls, fat chicks, and when pants are too small. common side effects include people yelling crack attack! small children running away, loss of job, loosing pants, looking ugly.
guy 1 : "dude!, did you see that craction?!?!"
guy 2 : "yeah! ew, crack attack much!"
by ShanayNay Quan February 27, 2009
A hopefully unintentional display of buttcrack. See also "hillbilly cleavage" and "plumber's smile".
"Yo, Steve - nice craction you're flexing there. Now I see where you store your extra pens."
by The Evil Steve August 23, 2006
A contraction of 'crew' and 'action'. When one chills with his or her crew.
"Man, I want some damn craction cause I been so bored."
by Boscrangles June 28, 2005

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