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someone who is very stupid or does silly things
Look at that crack head over there.
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
To become beyond excited about an event.
The home team scored a winning touchdown in the final seconds and the crowd just went crack-heads.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff November 19, 2005
Getting head from someone addicted to crack. Usually in exchange for more crack.
Dude, I just got some crack head.
by mR.siNiSTer October 09, 2006
someone who does crack
Peter Doherty
by m December 29, 2003
Someone to buy you alcohol at the store.
Lets go to the store and see if there is a head or crack head up there.
by LaVar Baldwin September 17, 2005
A person who likes/ loves to take drugs.
Jay: guess what man?
Rich: what?
Jay: I took some pills last night and I'm still feeling it.
Rich: damn son, you're such a "crackhead."
by KiD January 18, 2004
1)A person whos head has been cracked by a baseball bat.

2)A person who smokes too much crack.

See also, Crack Whore.
Doctor: What happened to you Fred?
Fred: Some black guy hit me in the head with a baseball bat, and then stole all my crack!

Black Guy: Damn, this here crack is da shiznit biotch!

Black Guy's Mother: My shitwit of a son is a crack head...and he never shares any of his shit(crack) with me!!
by FartHack July 18, 2006