the way some one be actin' like if their dumb danglin' from stupid. They can also be called a chickenhead
Look at that dumbass crackhead
by darcellie December 27, 2003
a person who doesn't need to be smoking crack, but taking aderal and fucking themsleves up!
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
1. a druggy; person who does a lot of drugs and everyone knows it
2. a crazy person
3. wierd individual
That guy looks like a crack head.
by procrastinatorperson February 12, 2009
someone who is very stupid or does silly things
Look at that crack head over there.
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
Getting head from someone addicted to crack. Usually in exchange for more crack.
Dude, I just got some crack head.
by mR.siNiSTer October 09, 2006
To become beyond excited about an event.
The home team scored a winning touchdown in the final seconds and the crowd just went crack-heads.
by Zo, Joose, and Jeff November 19, 2005
someone who does crack
Peter Doherty
by m December 29, 2003

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