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someone very skilled or proficient
John was a crackerjack of a mechanic: he could make a Mustang hum going in reverse.
by Jon64Bailey January 11, 2008
A game played in which several males stand in a circle around a cracker and jack off. They all try to hit the cracker when they shoot, and whoever hits farthest from the cracker or shoots last, has to eat the cracker.
This cracker tastes rather salty.
by lindsay the gangster June 01, 2005
racist term for a white person
shut up crackerjack
by uncle rukus March 01, 2011
A name the Marines use to refer to the Navy or Navy uniforms.
Me: He wears ACUs, right? Guys in those are hot.

Marine Brother: Hes a god damned crackerjack, sis.

They wear those little sailor suits.

by MetaKittie January 03, 2010
as in "im of upstairs to whack my crackerjacks"
by Joe Rodgers (cotk) May 08, 2003
Someone who is a crackerjack, is someone who is greatly humourous, and is able to "crack" you up, i.e, induce a great amount of laughter from you.
Adam: So then I said, that's not a chevy, it's a fjord!

Gary: You're a real crackerjack, Adam.
by Mister Schmidt May 23, 2010
a stupid dumbass white person
you cracker jack i thought everyone knew that
by cwf23 April 06, 2006
A game where several men gather around a cracker (I always picture a stoned wheat thin) and furiously masturbate onto it. Whoever ejaculates first wins. By a similar token, the loser is he who ejaculates last. The loser must consume the cracker as a penalty for sloth.
I got the clap from losing a game of cracker jack in college.
by Casey R. June 03, 2005