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- When something is totally true
- snape kills dumbledore, page 606, totally true
by truthster September 11, 2010
area code for prestonsburg, kentucky, similiar 2 313 or 818, not a hood but full of little emo bitches that think thier gangsta
emo kid named josh:im gangsta from da 606 nigga
emo kid named derek:me 2 bitches
brett:*smack* shut the fuck up
by thereal606gangsta September 01, 2008
When a man has a 5 o'clock shadow. Term coined from a 5 o'clock shadow being know as "scruff". And Scruff McGruff was from Chicago, IL 60652. First 3 numbers of the zip code being "606".
"Man, that guy needs to shave his 606!"
"I usually shave my 606 in the morning."
"I'm so hair, I have some 606 by about late afternoon."
by Justin W. Myers November 21, 2006
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