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The only cool way to say wuz up my bitches.
Wuz crackalaking bitches...
by anoynamous June 06, 2005
another way of asking what is going on at the moment
son what crackalaking
by BronxDandelion November 29, 2004
When a females arse crack is on show and you want your mates to know but well conspicuously. this may lead to you or your mate dropping a pen or pencil down the crack for shits and giggles.
Guy 1: Yo! Whats Crackalaking! *points to crack*

Guy 2: lolololololololol *drops pencil*
by BRUT AL HATER November 24, 2009
Lacking crackers. No White people to be found. Lacking white people.
The club on North Broad is crackalacking.
by Johnny Eggs June 05, 2005
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