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An urban legend. Dealers always tell stories to sell their crappy weed.
silly drug user:"I've got that famous crack weed today. It was also dipped into LSD and alloyed with radioactive opium!"
intelligent drug user:"Do you really believe your dealer's stories? *rofl*
by MetalWarrior March 09, 2006
weed laced with crack coccaine
man larry, did i think you mixed this weed with crack! you know what means? were smokin some straight up crack weed, and god damn ive never felt so good.
by killachronic August 01, 2005
Slang term for an expensive and particularly potent strain of marijuana sold in Upper-Manhattan which alludes to the fact that regular smokers of it will soon find that they're unable to achieve a satisfying high from other, less-potent varieties.
The strain is also called "pepperhead" (for its distinct pepper-like aroma) or "the haze" (for its frosted appearence).
Man, that haze is the crack weed; I can't even get off swag any more!
by ckrespo May 11, 2006

1. An herb that made a certain Jamaican fellow I dated lotss of money....but eventually got him 9 felonies.

2. A stong substance that makes you a bit off your rocker.
1. He imports his crackweed from Northern California.

2. You think 50 cent is hot??? Have you been smoking crackweed?
by Erica, @1979 October 15, 2004
JWH-018 that shit gets u fucked up like the first time you smoked.
Remember that first time u JWHed, thats the crack weed.
by PDX-Broadway May 14, 2010
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