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when you hit some weed thats so damn good, you pop a boner
last night i smoked some weed that was so damn bomb, i poped a stoner boner straight through my pants!
by killachronic August 01, 2005
weed laced with crack coccaine
man larry, did i think you mixed this weed with crack! you know what means? were smokin some straight up crack weed, and god damn ive never felt so good.
by killachronic August 01, 2005
attaching a bong to the hilt of a gask mask; a very efficient way of getting high.
tommy, pass that fuckin gas mask
by killachronic August 01, 2005
a bong 5 feet long. use at ur own descretion, not suited for amateur smokers... if you cant hold ur high, dont be hittin this shit.
larry took a five footer of my hair, and now hes pukin his guts out at back.
by killachronic August 01, 2005
a puss like substance forming around a pussy, then ur best friend peels off the crust and eats it, kinda like a strip of cheese.
awww shit, greg just ate the tate cheese off my grandmother. hes an animal i tell ya
by killachronic August 01, 2005

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