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When a basehead goes through withdrawal and loses his or her shit.
Did you see the DMX show? Dude had a crack attack right up on stage!
by diasco June 10, 2004
The sudden, unstoppable need to use crack cocaine.
I was on my way home to see my wife when I was hit by a crackattack, so I called my dealer and got high instead.
by Jason Corrigall December 04, 2006
An appalling and uncomfortable person or situation to be around usually enhanced by substance abuse.Can be used to describe a situation and or person. Relating to: a ridiculous outburst, an ongoing issue of insanity, or an unproductive otherwise useless person with terrorist tendencies and drug related issues. Can be a verb and or title/description.
1) She is a total crackattack.

2) I had to call the police because I was crackattacked.

3) There are too many crackattacks at this bar, we should leave.

by trumessenger January 12, 2011
When your ass crack itches badly
Man, Jeremy over there scratchin his ass. He must be having a crack attack
by _WonderBoy_ January 15, 2015

The Phsycological and physical experience of "over doing it" or over dosing on a synthetic cannaboid or similar synthetic compound. The term was invented after an experince resulting in -
*vivid intense unstoppable hallucinations, both audio and visual.
*rapid heart beat.
*extreme anxiety and fear of death.
*difficulty with motor functions including eye movement and arms.

-and many more symptoms, all felling as if in his own hell. The one responsible for creating the word quickly became addicted to JWH compounds and related blends ,Thus referring to the white or off-white powder that he free based as, "crack" and the feeling of overdosing as a, "crack attack".

LONG STORY SHORT-people in a wide area began to use the term crack attack when synthetic cannaboids or similar blend commonly made users have an experience similar to a sever anxiety attack during a nightmare,usually due to an improper dose.
1."Dude dont touch me man (gasp gasp) im having a crack attack"
2."Im never smoking blend again i had a crack attack the other day"
3.Jeffery did sythetic and had a crack attack at school he looked like he was about to die"
by The curious B1ue Devi1(z) November 03, 2011
When a person is asleep or unconcsious and you,and your friends all spread your ass cheeks and rub your ass cracks up and down in that persons face. (Most effective after taking a shit)
John: Hey guys, Mike is asleep.....Crack-attack!

Mike: (scarred for life)
by Spacer 54 April 18, 2009
Extreme itch/burn in your ass crack, often occurring after taking a shit and not wiping properly.
My ass crack feels raw. I've got some serious crack attack d00d.
by Kylenol September 26, 2003
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