Insult toward crip gangmembers; derives from Blood gangmemers
<BLOOD> Fuck Crabs

<CRIP> Fuck Slobs

*start shooting each other*
by AC December 23, 2003
def1: infestation of the pubic hair by crab lice
def2: These crustaceans have a hard bony or chitinous outer covering with a small abdomen concealed beneath it, short antennae, and five pairs of legs, of which the anterior pair are large and pincerlike.
crabs of the ocean
crabs in the balls
by December 31, 2005
Nasty ass buggers that live in your pubic hairs.
Guess who, the Crabs. Your pubes, we'll grab. We wait on bedsheets and toilet seats, then pinch your nuts, with our feet. The Crabs, oh yes, the Crabs. The Craaaaaaaaabs.
by (name goes here) July 30, 2006
little bugs that like staying in your pubes
oh man, last night just when i was starting to fuck stacies mom, i saw lots of crabs in her pussy hair
by Assmaster3000 December 21, 2005
There are two kinds of crabs:

1. The tasty underwater kind

2. The not-tasty underwear kind
1. Bob: Seafood sounds good.
Cindy: Let's go to the store and get crabs to boil and eat tonight.

2. Bob: My junk itches rather badly.
Cindy: You probably have crabs.
by Brittanyk92 April 05, 2009
a disease you get from sleeping with the olsen twins
Oh man, i did ashley last nite and now i have crabs on my peepee
by lightpost July 19, 2006
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