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a "derogatory" nickname bloods call people who are crippin(members of the crips gang)
yo, them niggas over there is crabbin, you under dig me
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
7 14
tripping for no reason or getting mad at somebody for no reason
" I ain't fuckin wit her no mo, she be straight crabbin all the time
by Playa D November 25, 2004
43 18
Bringing other people down when you've had a shitty ass day.
I'm sorry you had a bad day but you needa quit crabbin.
by bossstatus February 17, 2011
8 5
To spontaneously breakdown and cry in the fetal position
"Wow, bitch be crabbin!"

"I found her crabbin all over the bathroom floor"
by jackhan May 28, 2008
8 9
scooping the vagina with your fingers and pulling out a queef nugget
i was crabbin veronica last night, n i pulled out her queef nugget
by crabbing crabby crabber August 11, 2009
2 15