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refering to the state of new jersey, the best state in the country
representin dirty jerz aint no other state
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
a diss name to 50 cents g-unit, a group of fake thug rappers
yall niggas in trouble, should have never fuvked with yuk, gggg gay unit
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
a warning of shooting

sound used by people to simulate spray of bullets
bddat bddat nigga take that

person 1: ohhh shit, drive by, run
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
asking is some one understands
we got alot of things goin down tonight, be here early you under dig
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
a "derogatory" nickname bloods call people who are crippin(members of the crips gang)
yo, them niggas over there is crabbin, you under dig me
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
the leader of the rap empire death row records and noted mob piru blood, started out playing ol for the atl falcons, but wasnt good enough,
held a metting with vanilla ice and held him out a window of a 3o story building, aquiring a good amount of money from that, used that money to start death row, a label that brought us, dr dre, eazy e, snoop dogg, kurupt, daz, the outlawz, pac(after ny). still such a feared person no one fucks with him
suge slapped that nigga he didnt do shit, got slapped 2 different times hedidnt do shit(speaking about gunit rapper game)
by Bowlby September 28, 2004

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