Captain Picard

Etymology: The first known usage of CP as Captain Picard was on the ubercore forum, "The Evolution of the Swan".
"Get that CP outta here!"
by Comrade Dave November 19, 2006
An abbreviation for "crease pattern." Most often used by origami artists to share their work without revealing all the steps. Notable examples include: Satoshi Kamiya's Phoenix 3.5, and Nguyen's Eagle. Crease patterns are meant to show all the folds that will be present at the end of a particular work in a 2D format. Crease patterns are typically copyrighted so that commercial duplication/distribution is considered a punishable crime.
"Aww, this origami is insane! I can't figure out how to fold this from just a plain CP!"
by Panbu2 August 06, 2011
1. (v) Cock Punch

Forcefully sending one's knuckles into the cock of another individual. Often done for the sake of justice. Great Justice.

2. (n) Cock Punch

The act of cock punching.

3. (n) The main weapon in the war for justice (great justice) waged by Cock Puncher.
Alex: "That guy is such a dick, someone needs to CP him for justice."
Mike: "For great justice!"
by CP Inc. July 22, 2011
cunt punch-when someone is being a bitch and needs an attitude adjustment, punch the said person in the cunt to straighten them out.
"I will cp the bitch who took my last twinkie", said the big girl who was breathing heavy due to hunger.
by Sally Ann Smithers January 21, 2011
The online chat acronym for "Currently Peeing" Often used when someone laughs so hard, they think they might pee.
by Ashlea Mason January 12, 2009
Can stand for many things, including:

1. Command Post (Star Wars Battlefront)

2. Control Point (Team Fortress 2, basically the same thing as definition #1)

3. Civil Protection (Half-Life 2)

4. Club Penguin
1. Capture that CP before the enemy regroups!

2. Example above^

3. CP units heading your way, Dr. Freeman

4. Go on CP tonight, I'll be on.
by Terrazine August 30, 2011
Originating in Tottenham (Dodge), Ont. Canada, refers to a Cable Piece taken from the end of a television cable and used in a bong (cp bottle), usually home made, to smoke marijuana. Recognized by HIGH TIMES in 1997, its major benefit is its efficiency. Often abbreviated to P.
Lets hit a CP.

Lets hit a P.

Pack a/the P.

Dodge Dweller1: Dude, want to hit some CPs?
Dodge Dweller2: Of course.

Dodge Dweller3: You want to blaze?
Dodge Dweller4: If you've got a pen I've got a CP.
by Dodge Dweller March 10, 2009
C= Cool, Classy, Confident, Cute
P= Passionate, Political, Prudent Pass, Price
"wow, i think she's got the four C's... she must be a C P!"
by Astrata January 27, 2008
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